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Legal Services

Our Areas of Specialization.

Our areas of work include those set out out below:

         Commercial And Construction Contracts and Projects
Sozo Law Consult is well known for its specialization in Construction Law. Our clients range from Government agencies and public companies, engineers, architects and surveyors and contractors. Our work spans providing legal imput in project administration to representation in construction disputes.

 For our commercial, trading and tourism industry clients, we provide advice on contracts, assistance with negotiations, drafting of contracts, review of contracts and dispute resolution. We have experience in helping international clients prepare bids for supply and service projects in Ghana. This includes advising clients on compliance with environmental regulations for different projects. Our tourism clients include major hotels, resorts and tour operators. Our work in tourism has included assisting in the procurement of land, advising on project structuring and development of product packages for their customers. Our practice has involved identifying commercial fraud, and prosecution and defence of claims. Our firm undertakes debt collection for major banks in Ghana.

         Corporate and Company Law
Sozo Law Consult does much work in helping new investors set up businesses in Ghana. This covers giving pre-incorporation advice, incorporation of companies, acting as company secretaries, assisting with obtaining permits and licenses, and registration with statutory bodies. We work with clients on corporate restructuring and engineering of joint ventures under the Ghana Companies Code and investment laws. We have worked with clients in their bid and purchase of companies under divestiture with the Divestiture Implementation Committee in Ghana. The firm has much experience in the conduct of legal due diligence for corporate restructuring. We have several retained corporate clients for whom our services range from advising on and drafting of different types of agreements, projects management, property management, representation in negotiations with labor and on different aspects of their work, and representation as counsel in the event of disputes. All lawyers have training in Ghana's investment and securities law and regulation. We provide notarial services for the protest of letters and bills of exchange. We also provide advice on Ghana's tax and immigration laws to corporate clients and individuals.

         Local Government
The firm is retained by the Tema Municipal Assembly as external solicitors. This work entails an intricate knowledge of administrative and local government law. We advice the assembly on all legal issues pertaining to landed property rights, development issues, projects management, labor and employment rights, and public private partnerships. We also prosecute and defend all litigation and arbitration involving the municipal authority.

         Land And Property
We do much work in helping clients to acquire landed properties from families, stools, state institutions, local authorities and individuals. The processes involving the perfection of title in the country through the Lands Commission and other statutory bodies are undertaken on behalf of clients. We are Solicitors to estates and trusts.

         Consultancy Services/Research
As a firm known for its research work on legal issues, the firm is often retained to conduct various consultancies for individual clients, state and parastatal institutions, professional bodies and corporate clients.

Litigation is an integral part of the firm's work. All lawyers work on litigation for clients - from drafting of pleadings, advocacy at hearings to execution of judgments and appeals.

         International Law & Organisations
Sozo Law Consult represents international organisations providing development services and investments in Ghana and other countries. Our services have spanned providing consultancy services, and advising on integration of internal regulations with Ghana law. We are familiar with the ACP-EU conventions and the operational structures and goals of the International Economic Organisations

         Privatization and Public Private Partnerships
Sozo Law Consult has assisted private clients in acquiring interests in public organizations divesting only part of their interests and have assisted in structuring such public private partnerships. As retained solicitors for such partnerships, we have addressed legal issues on employment, public property transfers to private stakeholders, joint ventures, negotiating and drafting of finance agreements and procurement contracts, and have assisted in obtaining operating licences.

In our work as external solicitors of a municipal assembly, we aid the Tema Municipal Assembly to negotiate and structure legal agreements for projects involving private sector participation. We are confident of being able to meet your needs.

Our arbitration work has been primarily in construction and trade disputes. We have acted as counsel for claimants and respondents on different occasions. Pre-arbitration services such as preparation of claims, advice and negotiation, sourcing for Adjudicators and arbitration sites have been part of work done by the firm.
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