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The under listed are publications by Sozo Law Consult.

    "Business In Ghana – A Handbook on Laws and           Regulations"

      This book provides a ready reference on laws that generally affect business in Ghana. It covers information on starting a business and the corporate structures available in Ghana, employment and industrials relations, the foreign exchange regime, immigration issues for foreign workers, our banking and non- banking financial institutions, intellectual property right, tax and winding up of businesses. IT IS BUSINESS LAW MADE SIMPLE. It was first published in May 2000, and the second edition is now on the market. Affectionately referred to as "BIG", the handbook is free of the technical language used in legislation. It is designed to bring the requirements of the law on issues affecting aspects of business that the entrepreneur will encounter on a day-to-day basis.  

      "Legislative Watch"
This is a digest of all the laws passed in any given year from 1997.
It sets out in detail

New laws
Amended laws
Revoked laws

It also highlights key points in the laws

The official index of Ghana laws published by the Council for Law Reporting covers laws enacted up to 1996. Legislative Watch bridges that information gap and goes further to provide information following a  review of the laws.

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