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Welcome to our Home Page.

We are glad to be available to you on the internet. Our working hours are from 8:am-7pm. Our fax line is open 24-hours and e-mail is accessible 24 hours daily.

Our details are:

233 21 258695

233 21 258694

Mail address
Private Mail Bag 2, Kanda Accra and P. O. Box CT2108, Cantonments, Accra

26 Sunyani Avenue, Kanda, Accra


Web Site

Sozo Law Consult is founded on a firm commitment to provide excellent service to our clients and to make a contribution to the development of the law in our nation's "Golden Age of business". We have a mission to our clients, the business community and the legal sector.


OUR CLIENTS - To provide excellent, efficient and quality legal services to all clients – individuals, estates, foundations, non governmental organizations and corporate bodies. We do this by working in specialist departments and with a research team. We invest in modern working tools to enhance the quality and speed of our work.

THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY - To make easily accessible to the non lawyer, legal information required for the success of their business endeavors. This is why we are part of the International Bar Association, International Construction Contracts Committee, and the Strategic Professional Alliance - an international alliance of law and corporate service firms specializing in providing to our clients increased access to legal information on an international level. We are also the authors of 'Business In Ghana - A handbook on the law and regulations' - a publication that sets out in simple language, information on the laws affecting the conduct of business in Ghana.

THE LEGAL SECTOR - To provide service by making available databases, training schemes and publications that will aid efficiency in the delivery of legal services by lawyers in private and public service.
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